One of the most effective ways to showcase a corporation's contributions is to establish a named seminar series at a university or college. 

Universities and colleges thrive on regular visits from faculty members from other institutions who often present seminars on their area of expertise.  Most university and college departments have a regular weekly series whereby each week an announcement is made, via a listserv that reaches a large portion, and in some cases all of the campus community. 

If the seminar series is sponsored by a corporation, gift giving rules often permit the corporation's name on the regular listserv announcements, such as the So and So Corporation Biomedical Seminar Series. Thus, corporate partnering that facilitates these seminar series can have a significant impact on corporate image.

Seminar series sponsorship may also be desirable in other circumstances, such as when gifting to a university or college in the name of an estate or to honor the memory of a loved one.

Other organisations, besides universities and colleges, also host regular seminar series that are announced via a restricted listserv, such as professional societies, veterans' associations, etc.

We specialize in facilitating partnerships that establish these types of named seminar series, particularly at universities and colleges.  If we can be of help, please contact us for details:


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